Sunday, 26 March 2017

Soul Survivor - no just a survivor.

Enthusiasm for art, and in this case a 1970's rock band, must start somewhere very honest. It is what draws you in in the first place. When you are young and idealistic and wish to belong to the right fashion you may be driven by the crowd but on the whole with Yes there was no crowd in that sense. To like Yes was to go against the grain. 

At what point does that original enthusiasm and enquiry tip over into something else, some thing which cannot be considered purely from a place of intellectual curiosity. I suspect its when we consider something "US". Yes defines a part of who I am. 

The difficulty is even if our connection remains unchanged what we are committed to will change and in the case of Yes radically. 

For many we will stay until the bitter end, whether thats for us or them, but I find myself on a twin track with the band I fell in love with as a teenager. 

On the one hand I value its effect on my musical journey more than ever recognising it is the bedrock of everything to do with my interest in music (Fairport are in there to) but on the other hand I am now completely disinterested in the latest series of territorial disputes and angst created by it, in a word I am bored.

Last night I telephoned the Theatre in Chipping Norton for a ticket to Fairport 's annual concert at the lovely little theatre there. I didn't check the setlist or the line up or whether someone is in or out I just attend having great confidence it will be a lovely evening of the familiar and the unfamiliar. 

"Yes" have destroyed that simple choice for me and I think its because there is an attitude amongst some of those associated with the band that they are more important than the music and I believe many fans feel the same way and whether they like to admit or not it consumes a good deal of energy. My sense watching numerous clips of ARW Yes is that desire to be there and have a great time (for themselves) is so great that the communication of the narrative has become lost. They and in particular Jon are delighted to be there (look at me I can still do it), fans think its fantastic that they and he (look at him he can still do it) are there and everyone is smiling and certainly in the United States taking pictures. But is it profound have the musicians sublimated themselves to the message of the music or is the music just a bi-product of whats going on. Is there a profound connection with the music or the personalities, everything I have read suggest the latter so if like me your interest is in the music then what have you to go on. Many musical elements, which frankly I do not respond to, and underlying it all a sense that the soul of the music is absent a bright shiny thing is on offer to have fun with but can it be felt ? Ironically the tribute to Chris is probably the one element where a connection is made a gifted player pays homage to him and a connection is made, because the artist has sublimated himself to the musical task.   

For the first time since 1970, when I did not know Yes and checked it out and liked it, I have made a decision determined by a simple qualitative judgement based on my view of the music rather than an auto choice driven by connection, that is a substantial change.

I am bound to say thats a shame and it was the act of buying a Fairport ticket without hesitation last night that reminded me how far I have traveled in my interest in Yes. I am connected to Fairport and feel comfortable with them I no longer feel the same way with "Yes".  

I only have to play any other music I love to realise that "Yes" have made the whole business of enjoying their music more complicated. I can do it and particularly with music which was made many years ago unaffected by the current distractions. As a listener it cannot be helpful to sit there finding your responses are about arguments which are swirling around in your head, not arguments of your own making but ones you are aware of from without, about legitimacy, about this might be the last chance about he is the original not about what the music offers you. I have heard a good deal about the former but very very little about the latter. For some that is clearly enough, for me to dress Yes music "as we are the real deal and we are having fun" is to miss the point. The only deal is the music and ones dedication and love for it as a player and as listener, creating it with love and care and receiving it with love and care with an open curious mind and a beating heart free of earth bound considerations.