Sunday, 29 July 2018

Yes Featuring Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman - Fragile

With the Yes family the only relationship that matters to me is the one with the music I am thrilled to observe that the very first new music from Trevor, Jon and Rick hits the mark for me. 

Fragile opens with a lovely nagging rotating guitar figure full of pathos which propels the music through its five minute journey. A lovely expressive vocal from Trevor "Goodbyes and Endings" (a perfect homage to Christopher Squire indeed many of the lyrics seem to  lead to the extra ordinary Bass Player) uplifting and emotional with some nice sympathetic steel like guitar in the background. Choral vocals come in support and gradually Jon weaves his way into the narrative as Jon and Trevor trade their way through the piece. They sound like a band.

Some clever key changes and some beautiful rhapsodic on the money playing from Rick. But mercifully this is a song played well not a "vehicle for players"

Another change "touch be the touch such a sacred life we live" perfect uplifting Anderson vocal triple tracked, at last after all these years we hear Jon's voice recorded in the most sympathetic way possible given it HAS changed. But importantly he is inside the song and singing with support rather than pushed out front and overexposed. 

This is very much a Rabin Song you can find earlier versions of it online but this recording shows they can get past the name grab and all the politics and record something which has life and moves one. Bring on an album or an EP !