Saturday, 29 January 2011

Lovers End - Moon Safari

The idea behind Yes was to have really strong vocals combined with very accomplished instrumentals. One Band that has been recommended to me who carries that torch is Moon Safari here are my thoughts on their latest effort.  

Lovers End

Its Saturday night and its time to witness the high achieving new piece of work by Moon Safari -Lovers end.

It opens with a beautiful musical hall piano sound the harmonica joins in giving a sense of pathos and then the ever so sweet voices. And he is regretting his stupidity she is out on the town strutting her stuff and he knows he should be with her. His loss will never disappear. Endlessly beating himself up he never get it right but then she couldn’t change his world. The musical background is focused full of delightful repeating ascending guitar runs and then a gentle resolve acoustic guitar giving the piece the chance to breathe and lead us in to the staccato exciting riff that opens

A Kid …. With its story of loss, false pride and bad judgement and the oh so honest “Here’s to you love, wherever you are you’re still inside me”. What I love about this music is the maturity of the transitions as we get deep into the piece the pace picks up and the guitar very generically safari picks up the melody and then fades away to leave the drum to control the dynamics but this isn’t a drum solo its intelligent support as the excitement builds up and the repeating piano motif sets up the vocal and we are now telling a story quickly talking the narrative before the big gorgeous chorus “Here’s to your love wherever you are “ and then reminding us of that pre love simplicity and the music ascends the soloist’s are offering deft and supportive accompaniment then another slowed section as everybody takes a breather and beautiful full figures from the guitar WHAT A JOURNEY!!

Southern Belle a homage/ look back to my hero Brian this could have been on Smile utterly beautiful and then the piano sets up the tune and the guitar wails plaintively.
"Somewhere waiting for my love, someone” oh such memories of Carl Wilson in the lead BUT utterly original. Then the chord change, oh dear this is tearful stuff.

The Worlds Best….Some relief a tinkling piano and those oh so appropriate smooching drums lead to the block harmonies. What makes this music so great, a step on, a step up is the role of the drums pushing the harmonies and energising the music the palate of the keyboard sounds are quite narrow but that’s the trick you never feel anyone is taking a solo its so sympathetic to the outcome this is collegiate team built music .

New York The mood changes again some slide a big syncopated melody and we are in love with and in New York (who wouldn’t be).

By the time we reach Heartland the way this music works is very well established. Almost a mellotron surge and their, they are those drums nothing fancy but pushing shoving the music forward the synthesiser gives way to the statement of the melody by the guitar. This song dances and the lyrics are beautifully rhythmic but again we have love trouble this time its Dickensian wrongness love and then we have time to think as the lyrics evaporate the arrangement provides the intrigue an ascending keys solo then we slow down the bass tinkling away in the back ground nice big fat riffing, always always pushed by those drums and then up comes the synth solo again full of warmth and positive energy and expectation. A gorgeous block harmony “From the heroes of yesteryear … “Then a lovely positively matching affirming lyric “But darling can’t you see? We’re still soldiers of the heartland, even now I still see you like I did when I could dream…

Rubicon A gentle guitar intro and the response from the bass and the guitar and then a lovely seductive sounding lyric. Is there a better harmony group right now? “Playing the fool just won’t do me no good so I try to play straight, though it’s much to late” Oh dear we have messed up again.
“You stopped me at the supermarket, asked me how I am doing, Once again I’m lying to you, tell you that I am alright”. Pride before a fall “and then we say the words “I love you” when the words don’t mean a thing.” The more I listen the more I love the narrative of these songs for that is what they are skilfully, lovingly arranged songs. This is not progressive rock section work, it is fused worked up to provide a complete oneness of composition. Then the final resolve understated alluring harmonies echoing the phasing of Lucy In The Sky so appropriate completing the cycle of love lost but the unprinted lyric at the end “do do do do You know that I love you”.

I adore this music what a great get. I had no idea whether there were more answers when I began enquiring again but there are and this is a big big one!!

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