Friday, 23 November 2012

Pictures of You - Downes Braide Association

In the closing weeks of 1980 new music emerged from a respected successful keyboard player and a great vocalist where the sum was greater than the two parts and created an identifiable musical style of its own. Not only was the music of the highest quality it was also very accessible and gave them a 10 ten hit.

Here we are in 2012 and some morning warm ups from early 2011 have been turned into a project full of energy, life, sophistication, great singing and superbly orchestrated keyboard playing.

Jon and Vangelis  "Short Stories" was a breath of fresh air and gave us some great sophisticated pop music, so does "Pictures of You".

The CD opens with the pocket symphony of “Sunday News Suite” a great vocal narrative and wonderful shifts of tempo and pace, giving it a musical gravitas, and ends with the gorgeous reading by Chris of “Sky Sailor”. For those looking for renewal whether personally or collectively the lyric to the latter hits right between the eyes. There is magic out there just seize it and go the distance.

In between these two stand out pieces are a range of carefully crafted songs with great hooks and melodies which showcase Geoff’s ability to orchestrate and arrange great pop music. Incidentally listen out for the Fly From Here and Video Killed ...musical quotes. 

It is not Messiaen, Crimson, Bartok or John Coltrane but it is a great part of my musical day. This is music to warm you up, make your feet tap, bring a smile to your face and take you to place of light hearted joy. As well as the emotional returns from this music one can draw a good deal of pleasure just from listening to this as an example of  peerlessly crafted lyrics, given a beautiful vocal performance and supported by a well judged and appropriate application of keyboard technique and technology.  








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